Let Me Come Inside

I'll Take You To a TripIn Your Own Mind

I'll Give You the Chance to Look The Deepest You Can

I'll Make You Remember What You Already Forget

I'll Cut Cracks in Your Cover and Let New Sounds,Air,Lights,Winds Get inside, You Will Go to Refresh Your Mind and Soul

I'll Restart You

I'll Go to Tell You the Truth


You Will Meet Your Reflection in Each Thing You Go to See


Do You Like the Person you've Become? 








Now Let Me Blend Your Mind







I Want You to C U
To Think Provocative
To Feel Your Emotions
To Remember Why
To Fantasise
To GoCazy
To Breath into
To Be Game Changer
To Bring New ToYour Old World
To Think Far To The Closest Thought
To Dirt The Clean
To Fear Only To Protect Yourself
To Know Who YouAre,
To Wonder,

To Ask Question,

To Dream Out Loud
I'll Awake You,

Cuz You Slept For Years
Now Open your senses

To Be

To Hear

To See

To Taste

To Touch Yourself

To Feel Not Comfortable

To Scream

To Hide

To Define

To Stand Solid

To Live

To Love

To Fall 

I want to blend your mind

let me & I'll control you

Time to lose control.

© 2013 by Moran Victoria sabbag .All rights reserved

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