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Moran Victoria Sabbag lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. MFA in fine arts, HaMidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, 2017, and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, 2010.
She is an artist, musician and performer, Initially trained as a classical violinist, currently exploring the phenomena of the orchestra. Using orchestra as an object, Sabbag examines the Issues of penetration, control, musical otherness and beauty. her practice is in-between classical and experimental, music and fine art, composing and improvising. 
her intention is to generate a different viewpoint on the relationship between the musicians and the audience, break down the barrier between them, and turn them into a single interweaving entity, in which each part is related to and affected by the other, She undercuts the classical approach that encourages the suppression of visual elements, which might divert attention from the music itself, and challenges the traditional structure of the concert hall, in which the audience faces the stage.
5Basses' 2020 a site-specific piece, performed by 5 Double-bass Musician, Commissioned by Petah Tikva Museum.
‘Partition’ 2019 Performance & installation piece, Perform by the Israeli chamber orchestra at Recanati hall_Tel Aviv Museum. 
‘Public Rehearsal‘ 2019 Commissioned by Herzliya Museum.
Adagio For Space' 2018 Solo exhibition consists of an installation and a performance, performed by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra at Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as part of a residency program.   
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